MK Lib Dems Make Gains in 2024 Local Elections

6 May 2024
Group photo at MK Council local election count 2024

Across Milton Keynes the Liberal Democrats had a successful election, successfully defending 3 seats and gaining 3 more. The results increased the number of seats held by the Lib Dems on MK City Council to 18 out of 57. 

A summary of the election results in our main target wards this year is below.

Marie Bradburn retained her seat with another strong majority in 2024, receiving 54% of the vote. 

  • Marie (Lib Dem): 1532 votes
  • Labour: 709 votes
  • Conservatives: 392 votes
  • Green: 213 votes


Marie Bradburn with a Petition campaigning to save the Post Office in Heelands
Marie Bradburn with a Petition campaigning to save the Post Office in Heelands

Uroy Clarke successfully defended his seat in Broughton ward. 

  • Uroy (Lib Dem): 1652
  • Conservative: 938
  • Labour: 767
  • Green: 174
  • Heritage: 64
Uroy Clarke at the 2024 MK Council Election Count, with Sam Crooks and Kerrie Barratt
Uroy Clarke at the 2024 MK Council Election Count where he was reelected to represent Broughton ward, with Sam Crooks and Kerrie Barratt either side of him.

Graham Eaton was successfully elected in Campbell Park and Old Woughton ward, one of the three seats where gains were made from the Conservatives in Milton Keynes. 

  • Graham (Lib Dem): 1263 votes
  • Conservative: 1107 votes
  • Labour: 835 votes
  • Green: 209 votes
Graham Eaton at the 2024 Local Election Count with Paul Trendall, Nana Oguntola, and Rebecca Cave

Duncan Banks was elected in Monkston, successfully defending the seat in Monkston following the retirement of longstanding Liberal Democrat Councillor Vanessa McPake who had represented the area for many years.

  • Duncan (Lib Dem): 1118 votes
  • Labour: 623 votes
  • Conservative: 500 votes
  • Green: 185 votes
  • Independant: 109 votes
Image of Duncan Banks
Image of Duncan Banks

Tony Oyakhire was elected in Newport Pagnell South ward. This was a gain compared to when the 2024 seats were last fought in 2021, however Tony was first elected in the summer of 2023 following the resignation of the Conservative councillor who had been elected in 2021. Therefore this counts as a gain in the electoral cycle, and a successful defense following the by-election in 2023!

  • Tony (Lib Dem): 1263 votes
  • Conservative: 685 votes
  • Labour: 621 votes
  • Green: 162 votes
Profile picture of Tony Oyakhire

Scott Henderson stood for the party in Newport Pagnell North and Hanslope, and came second again. We're hoping to make more progreess in future elections, thank you to Scott for representing our party again. 

  • Conservative: 1672 votes
  • Scott (Lib Dem): 796 votes
  • Labour: 776 votes
  • Green: 220 votes
Scott Henderson standing on a bridge over the river Ouse

Saleena Raja was successfully elected in Shenley Brook End, making a gain from the Conservatives here. The majority of 366 votes was much wider than last year where we only won by 4 votes! 

  • Saleena (Lib Dem): 1379 votes
  • Conservative: 1013 votes
  • Labour: 611 votes
  • Green: 185 votes
Saleena Raja in a crowd of Lib Dem supporters

Following the elections in 2024, Milton Keynes City Council now has the following councillors for each party:

  • 30 Labour
  • 18 Liberal Democrat
  • 9 Conservative

Elections to Milton Keynes council usually happen 'by thirds', which means in a cycle of four years, in three of those years there are elections for a seperate councillor, with one of the three councillors up each year, the fourth year being a 'fallow' year without an election. 

A chart showing councillors on MK Council. 30 Labour, 18 Liberal Democrat, and 9 Conservative.

Thank you to everyone who represented our party in other wards. We had candidates in every part of Milton Keynes and the towns/villages within the borough, so people could vote for our party wherever they are. 

Please back our campaign for proportional representation! While people living in the areas above will have known we were campaigning hard, the current First Past the Post electoral system punishes parties which campaign everywhere, by forcing them to target a smaller number of winnable seats. As a result in many elections there are a number of 'safe seats' which unfortuantly get ignored much of the time. We support proportional representation for elections so that the number of seats earned much more closely matches the number of people who voted for that party. This would then reward parties for campaignign everywhere, rather than just in a small number of marginal seats.

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